Summer is the perfect time to try new things... - Wrap It Up!

Summer is the perfect time to try new things…

Summer is the perfect time to try new things…

Summer is the perfect time to try new things… 2200 1618 Wrap It Up!

Because summer is the perfect time to try new things, this month, Wrap It Up! is launching a new wrap recipe, offering you even more healthy and tasty on-the-go food options.

The Wrap It Up! Chef has been busy sourcing healthier and more colourful ingredients in order to create the perfect summertime wrap. Inspired by the freshness of the Greek cuisine, this summer, Wrap It Up! launches the new and improved recipe of the: Greek Koto wrap.

The Recipe:

Our new Greek Koto wrap is now filled with delicious lemon & oregano chicken, a light and summery olive & tomato salsa, fresh sweet & crunchy salad and topped off with the famous Tzatziki sauce, because what’s more Greek than Tzatziki… All these delicious ingredients are now also freshly wrapped in a traditional Tirokafteri feta cheese spread.

If by some miracle, you’re still not convinced you should try our new wrap, here’s what some of our happy customers had to say:

“I think it’s time we made a return visit!”
– Danny Wood

“Absolutely beautiful food, staff are amazing! Would definitely recommend to anybody.”
– Shannon Scott

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