Leed the way to Wrap it Up! - Wrap It Up!

Leed the way to Wrap it Up!

Leed the way to Wrap it Up!

Wrap It Up!

We’ve made our furthest trip north yet! Our brand spanking new Leeds store is opening during the last week of September third week of October (opps! small delay here) on Infirmary Street.

If you’ve yet to experience our wrapping goodness in London or Manchester then you’re in for a real treat! Less than a 5-minute walk from Leeds Station we’re your perfect stop whether commuting in or out of the city. Here for you at the times that really count: Breakfast, Brunch, Coffee Break, Snack Time, Dinner and anything in between.

Pastries, wraps, salads, hot drinks, cold drinks no matter your hunger levels or the weather, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t keep it under wraps, tell your fam, friends, colleagues, your neighbours cousins dentist, EVERYONE about our new store!