As a Wrap It Up! partner you will be privy to one of the fastest-growing QSR concepts in the UK
  • An expanding portfolio of 20 restaurants across the UK.
  • Exceeding our ambitious yearly openings and refurbishments target
  • A dedicated franchise support team.
  • State of the art central kitchen, putting top-quality food as the primary focus of the business.
  • Well-capitalised
  • A dedicated Franchise Support Team


From marketing to operations, our franchise team’s expertise means we are able to assist establishing and developing the brand from all fronts.

Successful franchise partners will not only become a part of the Wrap It Up! family, but also a business that operates several outlets, serving thousands of wraps each year.

“We are excited to share our passion for high-quality food with like-minded professionals, eager to become part of Wrap It Up!”
- Tayub Mushtaq, MD

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