Who we are

“Wrap It Up!” specialises in gourmet wraps which contain fillings from around the world such as, Mexican Burritos, Indian Tikka, Caribbean Rotis and Lebanese Falafel. The idea is simple – we offer wraps carefully prepared in front of you with fresh, quality ingredients.

Our vision is to revolutionise fast food by offering a healthy alternative.

“What I love about Wrap it Up! is that we are different to others. There are a number of Mexican burrito outlets which are similar to each other and I believe the same can be said of burger and sandwich joints.” – Tayub Mushtaq Managing Director

Our story

Wrap It Up was founded in 2006 with it’s first store opposite Liverpool Street station. Our philosophy and success has been down to sourcing authentic ingredients to bring fresh, healthy and tasty food to our customers at an affordable price.

We currently have 18 outlets now with stores in Leeds, Manchester Liverpool and Reading.

What we do

We make delicious wraps, inspired by food from around the world, fresh in front of you. We’re revolutionising fast food by putting wraps on the map as a tasty, healthy alternative. All hail the wrap!

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